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Solid experience, cross-cutting skills and concrete results. We’re uplegal, and we’re here to increase your law firm’s clients and revenue using online marketing.

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uplegal: Our Unique Touch Sets Up Apart

Our job is to grow your law practice with practical solutions tailored just for you. That’s it. Unlike most agencies, we will never try to sell you fancy but worthless services and tactics without knowing your goals and the market in which you operate.

Consulting in online marketing for law firms


Let’s work together to analyze your marketing and determine how to grow clients and revenue for your law firm.

Online marketing services for law firms

Marketing Services

Online marketing channels are countless, and each one requires a specialist. With uplegal, you have all of them at your disposal. Immediately.

Online marketing trainings for lawyers


We teach you everything you need to know to manage a specific online channel or your entire marketing strategy successfully.

A solid and proven system for growing your law firm

Being on the Internet is just the starting point. And today, it’s no longer enough… because everyone is online! To outperform your competition and get real results, you must position yourself in the market and get visibility before everyone else. Having a system in place and a personalized strategy is the only way to be successful online today.

Technical and Marketing Audits

Complete Audit

We take an in-depth look at your current online presence and the market in which you operate. How are you positioned on Google? Do you have a recognized brand? Who are your competitors?
Online Marketing Strategy

Tailor-made Strategy

We determine which path to take to bring more clients to your law firm. Today you can’t improvise. You need a strategy and a concrete plan to follow day by day.
Increase search traffic

SEO: Be First on Google

The more visibility you have on search engines, the more people can find you by searching on Google. However, becoming first on Google is a challenge that requires effort, investments, and time: better start now.
Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the best way to get more leads quickly. It requires an initial investment and monthly budget, but if done right, it earns you more than you spend.
Website for conversion

Conversion-optimized Website

Your website is the focal point of all marketing efforts. If it is slow, unprofessional, and does not convince the users who visit it, they will go elsewhere. And you will only have lost money, time, and opportunity.
Authority Development

Authority Development

People look online for information about you, read reviews, and check your socials to find out who you are. You must ensure you are perceived as the authority in your field: knowledgeable, trustworthy, and human.
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It’s our thing. We know very well how to do it.

Our marketing agency offers total support in the activities necessary to promote your law firm online and help you get more clients. We study in detail and implement a strategy consistent with your goals to help you increase your online visibility, the number of visits to your site, and, consequently, your revenue.

Positioning yourself effectively online means getting found by users looking for a service like yours: your potential customers. Every day dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of users need a lawyer and search for you online, but find your competitors.

You can successfully position yourself online and become an authority in your industry through our strategies.

Strategy first, action follows.

In our online marketing agency, we take care of optimizing your online presence in every respect based on your specific needs. We analyze your online presence and come up with ideas to improve it. As a result, you will increase your visibility, authority, and brand recognition.

Today it is no longer enough to make a site, post something on social or promote yourself. To be successful online, you need a comprehensive strategy that puts all the pieces that make up the online world together in a coherent way.

uplegal provides you with the confidence and experience of a highly specialized, multidisciplinary team of experts in the major areas of the web: SEO, advertising, social media marketing, copywriting, web, and graphic design.

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No fluff. Either your law firm grows, or we won’t be satisfied.

We don’t give importance to the graphic look of your website or how many likes you get on social media. Instead, we focus mainly on conversions: this is the real added value of an experienced web marketing agency. We know that a nice website and a pretty social page are useless if they do not translate into increased revenue. That is why we structure the entire marketing strategy into a conversion path that leads users who visit your pages to choose you and contact you.

We use a comprehensive approach to digital marketing and can synergistically integrate every aspect of your web channels, which we manage into a marketing mix strategy: we can guarantee you all the opportunities that can grow your online business.

uplegal helps you improve your site’s performance and increase your brand’s strength online to beat your competitors across the board and position you as the true authority in your industry!

Are you ready to leap?

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